1. Creating a good practice model to provide integrated social interventions for 350 children and young people from vulnerable families in the commune Bucsani, Giurgiu county, by offering an integrated program of social, educational, psychological and medical services in a community centre operating during the day.
  2. Promoting partnership and cooperation among key social actors from Bucsani to set up a community structure to provide viable options for its members to lead a decent life, to reduce poverty and social exclusion.
  3. Creating the coalition of NGOs active in the social sector in Giurgiu in order to capitalize on its expertise and to influence regional public policies in favour of the social services beneficiaries
  4. Organisational development of the Scheherazade Foundation
  5. Development of a strategic plan and of a plan for the financial sustainability of the Scheherazade Foundation for the next three years


  1. Children between 4 and 18 years old, in temporary crises situations, living at severe or extreme poverty
  2. Young people between 14 and 20 years old at risk of social exclusion or marginalisation
  3. Parents and poor families at risk of social exclusion
  4. Representatives of different social actors, including local and district authorities